Taylor Swift Car Freshener | Funny Car Diffuser Gift


A cute and fun car accessory that attaches to the car vent and will have your car smelling good and looking cute, too! These are especially great trinkets to have displayed in store because they make for cute, inexpensive gifts! It's the perfect pop culture gift for teens and Taylor Swift lovers in their Taylor Swift era. Our different scents: • Black Ice: inspired by the iconic black ice car freshener • Cactus Flower: inspired by Cactus Blossom • Cereal: inspired by Froot Loops • Cloud Nine: inspired by Ariana Cloud • Hawaiian Sunset: inspired by Volcano • Mahogany Teakwood: inspired by Mahogany Teakwood • Peppermint + Vanilla: inspired by Twisted Peppermint • Pink Sands: inspired by Pink Sands • Pink Sugar: inspired by Pink Sugar • Pistachio + Caramel: inspired by Brazilian Crush 62 • Snow Pixie: inspired by Snow Fairy • Sweater Weather: inspired by Sweater Weather.